Saturday, March 18, 2017

Back on track!!

March 18, 2017

Well, it's been way too long since I visited my blog and a lot of visions and ramblings have occurred in the meantime. Thomas and I now find ourselves transplanted from the farm fields of Henry County, Indiana, to the Blue Ridge area of Hendersonville, North Carolina. We love this area not only for the natural beauty but for the welcoming friendship of the people here. A lot has happened in the last almost 4 years; will start with the "Now" and possibly have some flashbacks along the way to bring you up-to date.

Downtown Hendersonville is truly a jewel of a city nestled in a Blue Ridge valley. This was the main attraction that brought us here; our search began in the fall of 2014 with the Big Move accomplished summer 2016.

Have been taking some photos along the way (of course); here are some taken March 11 of this year that show some of the Downtown spring beauty:

Smiling Pansies:

A beautiful camellia tree that's been blooming at least 2 months; its lovely flowers have recently been joined by the flowering crabapple planted nearby.

This lovely yellow flowering Magnolia is a true eye-catcher; not sure of the exact cultivar but choose to believe it is one named "Elizabeth"! Like so many things, its beauty is fleeting. The day after my photo expedition, we had a very hard cold spell (lows in the teens for the first time in months) and the yellow flowers are now brown. Take note and appreciate the beauty in front of you today!

Another new adventure in my life finds me using my Master Gardener skills in the local Carolina Ace Hardware store. We'll be starting a series of garden programs in store this spring. Here's the schedule to date:
                                          April 1, 11 AM: What's New & Exciting for 2017!
                                          April 29, 1 PM: Raised Gardens
                                          May 13, 11 AM: Container Gardens for Mom

We'll be adding to this throughout the season. Stay tuned to
or contact me:

I'm also available to speak to local clubs and organizations. If you're in the Hendersonville area let me know!!

By the way, having fun along the way!! A belated Happy St. Patty's Day to you all. Thomas and I had a fine time at Jack of the Woods in Asheville; in keeping with the local friendship theme, we met a neat couple and plan to nurture this friendship in the coming months.