Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 20 Saturday May 25: Bryce Canyon - Las Vegas

While we were breaking camp this morning, we had a very interesting visit with the two ladies staying next to us, Linda Hardin and Linda Dean. They are colleagues who conduct international seminars on self evolvement, living deliberately and personal improvement through Avatar: The Compassion Project. Linda Dean, from the Chicago area, shared the concept which totally intrigued me; I purchased the literature and will share with friends back home: let me know if you’re interested. You can also check out the website:

Linda Hardin, who lives in Colorado is an avid photographer, accepted Linda’s invitation to join her on this leg of her trip and drove her own car taking pictures along the way. She explained the concept of DHR, Digital High Resolution, photography to me where you use a tripod, manual setting and take 3 photos in rapid sequence, melding them together using a special computer program. If anyone out there understands this, please let me know as I hope to try it someday. It was a pleasure to meet to such kindred spirits.

On this 260 mile travel day, the red rocks of Utah turn into the bright lights of Las Vegas. Here are some views along the way:

Would you believe we didn’t even gamble or sightsee here?! Not even a slot machine! Opted out for laundry: are we getting old and pathetic or what?! Seriously, with the traffic, Thomas had enough driving and was not interested and I had been here before; a place that does not entice us, so we put up our feet and relaxed, once the sun went down: a ripe 95 degrees that afternoon, and it’s only May. The Oasis RV Park was pretty snazzy, with paved set up areas, a golf course and multiple pools.


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